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The technique used was extremely powerful and I felt a complete sense of lightness and peacefulness instantly.  Danielle’s soft tone and positive affirmations throughout resonated with every cell in my body. The last part of the session was particularly profound which involved working on my feelings of emptiness. Through the powerful healing techniques, I felt like I was being made whole again and connected to the light /source in that very moment.  That everything was going to be OK. Just beautiful.

Lisa, UK

Daniella was able to probe deeply into the thoughts and feelings behind my behavioral patterns and she seemed to be able to very quickly isolate the triggers and ‘rationale’ (namely the lack thereof) behind the way I thought and felt about food, my weight, my lifestyle. I was able to extract, vacuum, exorcise and, at one point, jet-wash, all of these demons of mine into that light. The feeling I’d had for years and years, the physical feeling of being stuffed inside a skinsuit that’s two sizes too small; just disappeared. 

Amy, GI

This is a truly magical therapy, I am somewhat astonished that it is not more widely known.  Having tried other therapies such as CBT, DBT and even hypnotherapy, I can honestly say that this was 1000% better than anything I have tried before.  Daniella and the process of Guided Mind Clearance is has greatly improved my mental health conditions and I cannot recommend highly enough!

Anna, NZ

Counselling is just talk therapy.  It's fine but then not much really happens.  You are supposed to just carry on and try to work on ways to change.  Guided Mind Clearance includes the talk therapy at the start, but then goes way beyond that with the meditation therapy to clear out the negative self talk in your brain.  It is fast, and it works! 

Antonio, CA

I could not imagine a year ago that I would be living a happy life.  This process has changed everything for me.  Thank you so much Daniella, your technique is truly amazing x 

Georgia, ON

Daniella had an amazing technique during therapy. Her very calming, gentle voice felt like she was holding me whilst guiding me through the sessions. Transforming, after years and years of abuse is something that I never thought I would ever experience.

Thank you Daniella! I honestly  would say to anybody who has been through any form of trauma to give Guided Mind Clearance a try!

Sarah, UK

Thomas has been truly a miracle worker!  Even after one session I noticed a complete transformation in every aspect of my life, things that I did not even know that were a problem have somehow been fixed from my subconscious brain.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking to make a change.

Shabnam, UK

In a word.... wow!  How on earth is this technique not known about worldwide!  Counsellors, therapists, psychiatrists yes they all have their place and can be some help over time but Guided Mind Clearance is on a whole other level.  I cannot even put a value on how much this has impacted me, in every single way possible.  Thank you once again Daniella x x x

Monique, CA

My anxiety and addictions had been causing me so much pain for a long time.  I consider myself a very spiritual person and was great at giving others advice but for whatever reasons I couldn't fix my own issues.  I was recommended Guided Mind Clearance by a friend, and I am so grateful to have found it.   From the first session I could feel my energy shift so deeply that it was overwhelming.  Something clicked, and now I am on the road to recovery.  Thank you for sharing this gift to the world :) 

Onni, FI

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