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  • From Trauma to Transformation - How Guided Mind Clearance Therapy Helped Me Find Myself

    After many years of abuse from baby to adult life, I was completely lost. I felt deeply heavy in a twisted web of trauma. Through years of trying to untangle my past to find the real me, I came across many people who wanted to change or control me. As a consequence I built barriers around myself and became weary, untrusting and isolated.  When I started  Guided Mind Clearance therapy with Daniella...

  • 12 Signs That Guided Mind Clearance Could Be The Right Therapy For You

    1. You've not had significant results from Traditional therapy. 

    Some people have had Psychotherapy / counseling / CBT for months or even years with varying results.  Of course talk therapy can definitely be very effective in being able to share your past and gain the tools to change your thinking and behaviors.  However Guided Mind Clearance goes much deeper.  The first half of Guided Mind Clearance sessions are...

  • Break The Addiction to Negative Thinking by Eckhart Tolle

    Learn how to break the addiction to negative thinking with this great video from Eckhart Tolle.  His theory is that “This kind of compulsive thinking is actually an addiction. What characterizes an addiction? Quite simply this: you no longer feel that you have the choice to stop. It seems stronger than you. It also gives you a false sense of pleasure; pleasure that invariably turns into pain.” So, how do we rise above our thoughts...
  • Weird Science: Why Happiness is NOT the default setting

    I was having a conversation with a friend today about the concept of people feeling like there is something wrong with them if they don’t feel happy.  “why can’t I just be happy like everyone else?” or words to that extent is such a common narrative.

    My clients are based all round the world and are from all walks of life, with a variety of different mental health issues, but the one thing they tend to all have in common is that they are all highly sensitive people (HIP’s).  This means that they FEEL a lot, they are emotional, 

  • "A victory against my old friend anxiety". Travel Blogger Lisa Wilson shares her experience of Guided Mind Clearance

    Having experienced a number of healing therapies prior to my session with Daniella, I wasn’t too apprehensive about Guided Mind Clearance. I class myself as a relatively complexed person who has made a conscious effort to peel back the layers of anxiety and depression that has plagued my life periodically. Why can’t my brain just be quiet for a moment! These are the words I often tell myself. I am my own worst enemy.
  • How Guided Mind Clearance Therapy Cured My Emotional Eating

    Once again, I find myself being asked to write about something I don’t understand or I’m not familiar with. This time it's Guided Mind Clearance. I know, right? Guided Mind Clearance – conjures up images of an episode of Hoarders in someone’s mind palace – like dudes in hazmat suits have got their facemasks on and barged into Hannibal Lector’s head. But, weird mental pictures aside, it actually gives me a good framework...

  • A Fictional Letter From The Year 2070: A Letter To My Younger Self.

    We found this really strange and fascinating fictional 'letter to my younger self'.  It's set in a magical new world in 2070.   We picked up on it because we thought it was quite apt at this time, amongst the worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus and the exponential spread of conspiracy theory narratives. Is this true fiction or could it be a real letter or some kind of spooky premonition?  Judge for yourself!

  • Covid 19 (Coronavirus): Mental Health and the region-beta paradox philosophy....

    Coronavirus has induced a tidle wave of global mental health issues as much as the medical and economical crisis. With so much anxiety and stress, the whole world seems to be crumbling around us.  People globally are losing their livelihoods, their homes, being quarantined, falling sick and at risk of dying.  Older generations in complete isolation and many industries on the brink of collapse...
  • Daniella's 3 stage, 30 minute fix to lift a low vibration

    With all of the stuff I've learned about how to lift others vibration, sometimes it's actually quite difficult to bring myself out of a low mood.  I don't mind a bit of wallowing now and again, as I usually just allow myself to feel however I need to feel.  However, today I needed to go out in the afternoon so I got my thinking cap on and invented a fast 3 stage process to try to tackle it head on.  And here's what happened....

    1. I left a voice message for myself. 

  • Jim Carrey discovers that thought is an illusory thing

    Watch this inspiring short video from Jim Carey on spiritual awakening.  He discovered that "thought" was responsible for almost all suffering we experience but that thought was just an illusory thing.  He metaphorically explains with humour how he was thrown into an expansive feeling using a beautiful metaphor about riding a wave of consciousness and became a witness to his own thoughts.

  • 5 Ways Guided Mind Clearance can help you Change your Story

    “The stories we tell ourselves make up our identity and dictate what we believe” – Tony Robbins

    We all have a life story, we are all stories....  This is right from when we were born, where we were born, influenced by our family and the society that we grew up in.  The Identities we form are heavily driven by Social...
  • Gratitude. What's Not To Like?

    “He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.” – Epictetus

    Gratitude is a way for us to appreciate what we have instead of wanting more, always needing something new in the hope it can make us happier or feeling we are not satisfied until every physical and material need is met.  Gratitude helps us refocus on what we have instead of what we don’t have.