10 Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Most of us work, for many of us our careers are a key focal point of our life goals.  Over recent times there have been changes in attitudes around work life balance.  Even as recently as five to ten years ago it was an approved mantra if in an interview a candidate for a job would say they “live to work”.


Whilst this attitude seems to changing and both employees and employers are perhaps realising that perhaps it should be the other way round and the reason to work is to actually live and enjoy a better life, or to coin the previous used phrase “work life balance”.


On the flip side businesses are also needing to be more competitive and the need to be for example “first to market” and with the pressure of deadlines to meet is possible to create a better work environment?  The big organisations are also getting bigger, often growing through mergers and acquisitions.  Can this take away the old school family owned company values?  Yes.  Did people used to have more affinity to the companies they worked for... “yes sir’ee I am a firms man”  Are companies also adapting to this change in attitude? Also yes.   


More frequently seen as an progressive modern way for companies to work “The Gig Mentality” offers more flexibility and less commitment from both sides.  “You pay me and I do you a good job, works for me and works for you”.  No real loyalty is required from either side.   More flexibility great, but less stability maybe not so great for everyone.... Pros and Cons.


Even though we live in a more flexible world, we are also more contactable meaning work is never too far away...  Is this a good thing?


Speaking recently to a close friend who works in a senior HR position within a global company we discussed changes in attitudes, including the need of more awareness of mental health within workplaces. Also rather than companies claiming they are great places to work, would it not be a good idea to introduce Mindfulness as a practice.  With Mindfulness on the increase perhaps companies already have potential champions within their ranks?


The future is looking good with companies either looking at, or implementing Mindfulness.


Below are 10 benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace:


  1. Reducing stress and anxiety – Mindfulness is a great reliever of stress.  Focusing on the present massively helps with all types of work-related stress and anxiety.
  2. Improves communication – One of the key aspects of Mindfulness is effective communication.  With effective communication things can be a bit easier to deal with.
  3. Helps with creativity – When in we are in the moment, we are more creative. 
  4. Increases productivity – By being aware of the task in hand and being able to concentrate without the mind wondering... gets more done.
  5. Balances work and home life – By thinking clearly and freeing our minds we can leave our work in the office and be present at home with loved ones and family.  Keep the phone on silent J
  6. Higher emotional intelligence levels – Emotional Intelligence levels increase with self awareness.  We become better aware of our strengths and weaknesses making us better team members.
  7. Assists memory – If we are not focussed on the now, you are more likely to forget in the future.  Being mindful increases concentration and therefore memory.
  8. Reduces conflict – When our stress levels are under control it is easier to get on with others.  Being mindful allows us to address issues more clearly.
  9. Less Mindlessness – Mindfulness helps our minds wonder less.  In my previous article on Mindfulness I discuss that studies have shown that 46.9% of our time mind wondering.  This can allow us to focus on negative thoughts of the past and future.  Mindfulness cancels out Mindlessness into a positive.
  10. Better understanding of ourselves – Being in the now allows us to understand ourselves better.  If we are aware of our thoughts we can better understand which thinking patterns have a negative impact on our day.

Guided Mind Clearance sessions are completed via online video or telephone and have proven effects of inducing mindfulness.  

Also, if you would like to introduce Mindfulness into your workplace then why not study for online mindfulness certification training?  Here is an fully accredited course from the international iNLP Center 


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