12 Signs That Guided Mind Clearance Could Be The Right Therapy For You

As a practitioner of Guided Mind Clearance, I have the pleasure of dealing with clients all around the world on online video sessions and love that my job is so unique and rewarding!  Guided Mind clearance is such a unique therapy and goes way beyond what traditional counselling can offer.  The technique was developed using influences from hypnotherapy, EFT, visualization, meditation and spiritual healing.  The results are overwhelmingly positive for all kinds of mental health issues and in this blog post I have outlined 12 signs that Guided Mind Clearance could be the right therapy for you!
    1. You've not had significant results from traditional counselling

    Some people have psychotherapy / counselling / CBT for months or even years with varying results.  Of course talk therapy can definitely be very effective in being able to share your past and gain the tools to change your mindset and behaviors.  However Guided Mind Clearance goes much deeper.  The first half of Guided Mind Clearance sessions are talking but the second half is focused on releasing negative emotions and cuts thorough to the core of your pain, fears or memories to shift them into light.   And the sessions are finished at the end with a personalized guided meditation, inducing positive and peaceful emotions.  Guided Mind Clearance is also super convenient with it being online via video sessions and also allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed in your own private space. 


    1. You’re on a spiritual journey

    You’ve realized that there’s more to life than the 9 till 5 grind, consumerism and the social expectations that everyone around you seem to blindly follow.  You may have experienced yoga, breath work, natural medicines, mindfulness or even more mystical or religious disciplines, all of which can assist the path to deep connection and healing.  Guided Mind Clearance can be a very spiritual experience for some people because it connects you to the light and induces overwhelming positive emotions such as gratitude, peace and fulfillment.  Guided Mind Clearance does not strictly align with any particular spiritual or religious beliefs but is more of an all encompassing emotional therapy which strengthens your spiritual wellbeing. 


    1. You feel frustrated with meditation 

    You find the concept of detachment from thought appealing but you struggle with mindfulness meditation and get frustrated when you can’t manage to stop the thoughts for longer than a few seconds.  This is totally normal!  Guided Mind Clearance is different because we are in a two way conversation and you are meditating with purpose.  There are actually very clear thoughts and visualizations to practice and you don’t need to worry about clearing your mind.  Then at the final part of the session you will still be in a light trance state just listening to the voice of the practitioner but there is no requirement to stop thinking, you should just be listening and taking in the words – and it doesn’t even matter if your mind wanders a little, it’s perfectly natural.


    1. You had a tough childhood

    You have realized that your experiences as a child have deeply impacted your adult psyche and you are still carrying the emotional scars.  Whether you suffered abusive parents, neglect or playground bullying, the underlying feelings can be really difficult to overcome just by talking.  Guided Mind Clearance can include “inner child” work, “chord cutting”, and an array of visualization techniques to let go of the people that hurt you and the situations that caused you pain.  You won’t completely forget memories but you will be able to neutralize your emotions and also feel more love and acceptance for yourself.


    1. You’re not fulfilling your potential

    You feel sad or frustrated that you have certain ambitions, passions or skills that you could be fulfilling if you weren’t facing challenges in your life or mental barriers.  You may also feel apathy or lack of passion, which is a completely normal part of depression.  It certainly doesn’t mean that your future is a lost cause!   Particularly in the final part of a Guided Mind Clearance session, the practitioner can create a visualization story that can help you regain your passion for your future, as well as revitalizing your confidence and motivation to follow your ideal path.


    1. You’re suffering from heavy shame or guilt

    Two of the lowest vibrations of emotions can really affect your whole being in a negative way.  Guided Mind Clearance will target these areas and help you release these feelings fast and effectively.  You’ll find that once these lowest emotions are lifted all the other emotions and other mental health issues are quite easy to  shift.  Often the things that you feel bad aren’t almost as bad as you think and you have been carrying the heavy weight for years unnecessarily.  Just by talking about them with a listener who doesn’t judge you can be a huge relief in itself but Guided Mind Clearance visualizations also ensure that they are lifted, released and no longer weigh you down emotionally.


    1. You’ve been hurt

    No matter when it happened, if you’ve been abused physically, sexually or emotionally these things can be suppressed, repressed and manifested overtime to chip away at your emotional wellbeing.  Even sometimes the smallest of instances can really play on your mind and just pop up without your control.  You might hear hurtful words or replay a scene in your past over and over again, especially when you’re feeling anxious or depressed.  Your rational brain knows that it’s not helpful to ruminate but because the memories are so intense it’s something that you can’t control.  Guided Mind Clearance will take you to the event or person that hurt you and help you visualize them in a different light, often making them much smaller, pathetic and insignificant.  Often these people are held your mind as quite powerful and domineering characters but the visualization techniques will shift these perceptions.  Also the positive reinforcements at the end of the sessions will help build up your own self worth and emotional strength, in effect multiplying the transformation.


    1. You’re lacking love

    The common saying goes “You can’t expect anyone to love you if you can’t love yourself”.  But no matter how truthful the saying is, you can’t just flip a switch to love yourself.  The real truth is that it’s extremely difficult to love yourself, especially if you are suffering from depression or you’ve been hurt in the past.  Perhaps you feel unworthy, unattractive or so let down in by relationships that you don’t feel there is much hope for love.  The feelings (or lack of) can be related to your past or current relationship, friendships or family, and can feel equally as painful or hopeless.  Guided Mind Clearance therapy helps build up the love you have for yourself and also let go of the dependence on love you receive from others.  This is an incredible transformation in itself but by building your confidence and shifting your energy it will directly affect your relationships in a positive way overtime and more love will fall into your life as a natural consequence.


    1. You find it difficult to help yourself

    With traditional therapy the counsellor often gives advice of things that you should be doing between sessions, such as writing a journal or stopping or changing certain behaviors.  Even without therapy you probably know what you “should” be doing to make progress in your life but you find it difficult to discipline yourself. Guided Mind Clearance is different because there are no particular rules to follow, all you have to do is allow the sessions to flow.  After a session you might feel that you are ready to make changes in your life because naturally you are feeling lighter and more positive.  However, these changes won’t feel too difficult and you will feel in alignment with positive change rather than having to force it.  


    1. You’re Anxious about something

    If you suffer from anxiety, you are completely normal!  Whether you’re deep sufferer of crippling anxiety or there is just one very real thing that you’re anxious about, Guided Mind Clearance will relief these overwhelming thoughts and help you manage them long term.  During the sessions we will create a series of visualizations exposing you to possible situations and transmute the related emotions.  You will be able to neutralize your fears and worries to not only become braver in your actions but will also be relieved of the turmoil that anxiety causes in your everyday life.   You can also learn the tools of Guided Mind Clearance meditation to practice on yourself whenever you feel anxious to become an expert in tackling your own anxiety as often as needed.


    1. You’re your own worst critic

    You judge yourself a lot and you can’t help but compare yourself to others.  You feel that these thoughts are justified and can be helpful to motivate you to change.  However sometimes there are things that are impossible to change and that leads to feelings of hopelessness.  During the initial talk sessions we help you analyze the things that you are judging yourself for and quite often it is things that are incredibly common and just part of being human.  Just by shifting perspective during talking can be really helpful but then through Guided Mind Clearance visualizations and final meditation you will be able to accept and minimize these thoughts and learn to control them in whilst moving forward.  If there is something that you think you should improve in your life then you will still be able to do this but without negative judgment of yourself and your past, but with positive momentum.  Alternatively it might be things that you can’t change or you don’t feel that you need to change anymore because you have learned to accept yourself as a “perfectly flawed human being”.


    1. You’re suffering from illness or physical pain

    You may be suffering from a serious illness or have injuries, aches and pains that are severely affecting your everyday life.  Guided Mind Clearance is not an alternative for medical treatment however there can certainly be positive results in helping to relieve the symptoms and effects that it can have on your life.  Sometimes just tackling emotional pain can help overcome physical symptoms by way of holistic effect.   However, Guided Mind Clearance can also be used to tackle the physical pain directly.  By the power of visualization during meditation it can actually be possible to relieve headaches and bodily aches and pains with immediate effect. 



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    • Fantastic article and really gives a clear understanding of how Guided Mind Clearance can help many types of people. I think it is so important to tackle mental and emotional wellbeing especially during these unprecedented times.

      Lisa Wilson

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