5 Differences Between Hypnotherapy and Guided Mind Clearance

  1. Hypnotherapy is used to subconsciously re programme thought processes or beliefs.  During a state of deep trance a Hypnotherapist will speak to the subconscious mind and suggest and persuade changes in thought processes.

Guided Mind Clearance does not look to re programme existing thoughts, instead in effect “de hypnotises”.  This is done through releasing negative emotions to effectively re create a blank canvas free of previous attachments and belief.

  1. As mentioned Hypnotherapy is performed in a state of deep trance.  Therefore the subconscious side of the brain is super relaxed and ready to learn.  In this state the mind is more susceptible to suggestion, and the practitioner will bypass the critical mind to suggest and reinforce new thought processes.

Guided Mind Clearance is performed in a light trance and constant dialogue takes place between the practitioner and client.  During a session a Guided Mind Clearance Practitioner does not look to re programme thoughts but through Emotional Alchemy and Visualisation releases negative emotions and blockages that cause unwanted thoughts and behaviours.

  1. Hypnotherapy can be used to program a Censor that blocks unwanted thoughts from the subconscious mind so it does not appear in the conscious mind.

Instead of trying to create any censors or “blockages” Guided Mind Clearance releases the emotional blockages that cause the unwanted thoughts in effect clearing the mind.

  1. Hypnotherapy is generally a specific goal directed treatment. Meaning treatment will focus on specific issues then through hypnosis look to re program the subconscious part of the brain into new thoughts around the issue.

Guided Mind Clearance does not work with the subconscious brain and re train thoughts around an issue.  Instead it targets the root cause of the thoughts which is usually a blockage in the emotional energy field.

  1. Hypnotherapy is usually suggestion orientated and invitational.  The practitioner uses their voice and specific works within a context of suggestion towards a positive outcome.

Guided Mind Clearance is visual and sensory orientated.  Using Guided Meditation, Emotional Alchemy and Visualisation a client will be actively involved in the session to clear negative energies and emotions.

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