5 Ways Guided Mind Clearance can help you Change your Story

“The stories we tell ourselves make up our identity and dictate what we believe” – Tony Robbins


We all have a life story, we are all stories....  This is right from when we were born, where we were born, influenced by our family and the society that we grew up in.  The Identities we form are heavily driven by Social Influence.  These influences instead of coming from ourselves (as per Robbins) are often stories told by others to make up our identity and dictate to us what we believe.  This can be both positive “we can be whatever we want to be” or negative “we are poor and always will be”.


For many years psychologists have studied Social Influence.  Social Influence is powerful and manipulates people’s opinions and behaviours, often changing their actions and ideas to meet the demands of for example authority or believes of a social group.


Going back hundreds of thousands of years humans have always being pack animals.  We like the approval, assistance and also company of others.  This is one of the main reasons people accept Social Influence so easily.  Key reasons people accept Social Influence can include:


Conforming to the norms of a group to gain acceptance.  A good example of this are supporters of a Football (Soccer) team.  When it comes to supporting football teams the groups behaviour can very much affect an individual.  Naturally people want to be part of the group.  You see many people who are calm and collected in their normal daily lives become extremely animated, often aggressive and taking on views of the group such as dislike of other teams / supporters etc which would never occur to them outside the realms of football. 


Another example of the Social Influence is corporation.  An example of this is when in a group of people there can be an objective to achieve a shared goal, but also affects people individually.  This could be in a work situation where it is easier in a group, or in past times a pack to influence others to persuade others to go down a certain path.  It is easier to do so as a collective as opposed to individually. 


So Social Influence from an early age and as we grow up into adults can really influence us both positively and negatively.  We can look to gain acceptance sometimes not through our own fault from the wrong people / groups but also the right ones.  We can also get help for the right people / groups and also the wrong ones......


To write your story how you want - it is important to look at who you spend your time with, who you look for advice from etc. 


There is a great story told to me by Karl Morris (The Mind Factor) from the game of Golf about the advice given to Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite (who went on to become very successful Golfers known for being excellent putters) by world famous coach Harvey Penick.  When the two youngsters asked for his advice before setting out their pro careers Penick answered “Go to dinner with good putters, their attitude and confidence will rub off on you”


According to Lovelyn Bettison author of books such as “5 Steps to help you move beyond past mistakes” says that “Changing your beliefs can be the most difficult thing of all”.  This can often be a case where throughout our stories we have been told “people like us can’t do that” or “stop dreaming”.  Over time these Social Influences get into our mindsets and stop us achieving our dreams and goals, as such we find it hard to change these beliefs.


Bettison also says “The current state of your life is a direct result of the stories you tell yourself and what you believe is possible, not what you say is possible but what you believe down in your core”.


Guided Mind Clearance sessions can help you change your story in the following ways: 

1.       Is a unique and fast way to remove the emotional blockages stopping you from achieving your goals.

2.       Clears the negative voice in your head telling you that you cannot achieve your dreams.

3.       Frees the unwanted energies of the past, and gives positive energy for the future.

4.       Allows you to disconnect with troublesome past events and reset in the present.

5.       Strips away anxieties leaving you free to be your true authentic self.

Reset, believe in yourself, take action and change your story.  Book your Guided Mind Clearance session today or chat with us to find out more ⬊


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