A Fictional Letter From The Year 2070: A Letter To My Younger Self.

We found this really strange and fascinating fictional 'letter to my younger self'.  It's an anonymous letter set in what sounds like a magical new world in 2070, written to the persons younger teenage self who is living now (2020).  We picked up on it because we thought it was quite apt at this time, amongst the worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in April 2020 and the exponential spread of conspiracy theory narratives.  It got us to wondering is this true fiction or could it be a real letter or some kind of spooky prediction?  Judge for yourself! 

You are 15 now and it’s the year 2020.  I am writing this to you from the year 2070 (although we call it the year 6-AWS) and I am now 65 years young.  You are so innocent and free now, caught up in your world of friends, social media and Billie Eilish, yet to experience the events that will shake the world as you know it.  You will live through the worst and best years of humanity, but please be rest assured that you will be OK in the end.  Remember that whatever happens, that you do not need to be consumed with superficial things, social media, career, money and you certainly do not need to be concerned with impressing anyone or what other people think of you.  The world changes greatly and so will you along the way.  You will learn that none of these things are important, and that you are destined for something much better, a world and consciousness similar to what you might imagine heaven now (even though you currently don’t believe in much religious or spiritual).

You will live through world events and periods including The Tech / AI Takeover, The 5D Revolution, The Cabal Demise, The Freedom of North Korea and the Aftermath, World War 3, The Dark Epidemic, the Second Coming and the Great World Split.  All of this, you will survive, and you will be just fine – at the end of it all – you will be happy and free.  But the most important freedom is within yourself, and you will have the opportunity each day to achieve this frequency - you do not need to wait for that.  So, there is no point in worrying “what if, or “why or how is this happening?” Just concentrate on living in the now, experience the rollercoaster journey without judgement of things being good or bad and help to raise the vibration along the way.  Of course you will be learning and growing as a human soul exponentially this as time goes on, and you will develop amazing skills and experience to help you and your friends and family to do this too.  However, I just wanted to tell you to worry less, to live your life without fear or anxiety about the future because you will reach a place better than you could ever imagine.  You will live in a place of love, of the highest vibration, where things are very advanced in some ways but will go back to something resembling olden times when you were not even born (similar to the 1990’s).  You will find a place of harmony, connection and appreciate the simple things in life.  We read books, we don’t have money, cars or material crap, we sing and dance, we create things and follow our passions, we laugh a lot, and we have the most amazing communities.  We work... (a bit) haha, but it’s nothing like work as you know it now: there are no traditional offices, commutes, or profits.  You will find this hilarious but we reinvented the “landline telephone” and the “postal service” J.  We communicate with other dimensions and beings not of this earth – It’s sounding very crazy now, I know!  But the weirdest and most scary thing to you might be alarmed by is that we don’t have internet here, lol.  We live the last days of our life in an awesome community filled with joy, where the end of life and transition into death is considered quite different to how you know it now (that part is quite complicated to explain why but believe me when I say you will have nothing to fear).

With everything that happens, take a breath, don’t worry and have faith that everything is unfolding as it is meant to x x x



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  • Oh wow, I think this letter is real!


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