"A victory against my old friend anxiety". Travel Blogger Lisa Wilson shares her experience of Guided Mind Clearance

Having experienced a number of healing therapies prior to my session with Daniella, I wasn’t too apprehensive about Guided Mind Clearance. I class myself as a relatively complexed person who has made a conscious effort to peel back the layers of anxiety and depression that has plagued my life periodically. Anxiety has caused many draw backs in my professional and personal life causing my perception of situations to be skewed. Why can’t my brain just be quiet for a moment! These are the words I often tell myself. I really am unable to deal with some of the deeper issues that were intertwined and part of my DNA. Issue’s that I put down to not being ‘built’ properly when I was brought up in a dysfunctional home. I am my own worst enemy.

My first session involved an overview of Guided Mind Clearance and what it involved. We discussed what I wanted to get out of the session (which I had put some thought into prior to the Skype call). What did I want to achieve? Well….overthinking everything, rumination, mood fluctuations and poor sleep were definitely a priority. Thankfully, I wasn’t depressed but I still struggled with a deep-seated emptiness all the time. Whilst my thoughts were not always negative and self - depreciating they were still too noisy for my liking! 

I knew Daniella had a challenge ahead of her as I also mentioned during the consultation that I had previously struggled with visualization techniques (a key part of Guided Mind Clearance).  That said, we set to work and piece by piece, issue by issue we worked on the various blockages methodically. I found that whilst I was unable to visualize aspects of the session, I was drawn to the energy of that area and felt an awareness of the clearing /cleansing that was taking place.  I felt an incredible sense of peace and lightness, almost like a massage for my mind, body and soul! I felt completely relaxed with my consciousness slipping in and out during the session. Daniella’s soft tone and positive affirmations throughout resonated with every cell in my body. The last part of the session was particularly profound which involved working on my feelings of emptiness. Through the powerful healing techniques, I felt like I was being made whole again and connected to the light /source in that very moment. That everything was going to be OK. Just beautiful.

During my second session we continued in the same format working on a series of issues/blocks. One area we focused on was my inability to set healthy boundaries with people and how I let them steal my energetic space (another cause of my anxiety). What I loved about this part of the session was the cord cutting technique Daniella used. I struggle with maintaining a healthy balance to focus on fulfilling my potential in life. I let people hijack my energetic space and put their needs before mine. The technique used was extremely powerful and again, I felt a complete sense of lightness and peacefulness instantly. It felt like it had addressed the power balance on a deep, energetic level so my mental and emotional space was protected. I was left feeling confident that I could now hold my own with some of the people I had previously had this power struggle with.

It is hard to summarize my sessions with Daniella as they were both complexed and beautiful at the same time. The depth of a person’s anxiety and how it effect’s them is totally unique to them. For me, it was about how to manage my day to day feelings and not feel so disrupted by my thoughts. So I can feel a sense of mental liberation and thrive in my work and personal life…. to feel more at peace with myself. The sessions have definitely made a huge difference to these areas and have since felt lighter, brighter and calmer. Like something has shifted. A victory against my old friend anxiety.

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