Covid 19 (Coronavirus): Mental Health and the region-beta paradox philosophy....

Coronavirus has induced a tidal wave of global mental health issues as much as the medical and economical crisis. With so much anxiety and stress, the whole world seems to be crumbling around us.  People globally are losing their livelihoods, their homes, being quarantined, falling sick and at risk of dying.  Older generations in complete isolation and many industries on the brink of collapse.  People are going crazy on social media, whilst some seemingly taking everything in their stride, some making jokes about coronavirus or putting the world to rights with their political views and opinions about others reactions.  Yet, the vulnerable of society and those who are very seriously impacted are sometimes the least to complain - how can that possibly be? 

Whatever your personal experience with this pandemic, no doubt it puts the smaller problems in life into perspective.  A parking ticket, office politics, or bad customer service were once things that would provoke an emotional response, but yet strangely with huge events and extremely troubled times something else can kick in to bring balance and peace to your consciousness.  There is a theory called region-beta paradox, which comes from a Harvard University research article by Daniel Gilbert and colleagues called "The Peculiar Longevity of Things Not So Bad".  It means that there is a certain psychological energy that kicks in when something really terrible happens.  The more a person's life is impacted by the event or issue, the more the brain receptors kick in to provide clarity, calm and inner mental strength.  When a small irritation occurs, the person is much more likely to shout or cry, because the issue is too small to kickstart the particular brain receptor.  Hence this interesting phenomenon is a paradox.  Have you or someone you know unexpectedly become the "voice of reason" during this time of enormous adversity?  If so, this could be explained by the region beta paradox.   If you are fascinated by this philosophy then you can read the full research paper here:


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