Daniella's 3 stage, 30 minute fix to lift a low vibration

With all of the stuff I've learned about how to lift others vibration, sometimes it's actually quite difficult to bring myself out of a low mood.  I don't mind a bit of wallowing now and again, as I usually just allow myself to feel however I need to feel.  However, today I needed to go out in the afternoon so I got my thinking cap on and invented a fast 3 stage process to try to tackle it head on.  And here's what happened....

1. I left a voice message for myself. 

Usually I find that talking to a friend (or even leaving a voice message for a friend) really helps clear out whatever is in my mind and make me feel a little bit better.  Today however I didn't feel that there was anyone I really wanted to talk to.  I was generally feeling a bit unloved and like no one would understand or have the time to listen.  So, I thought of the idea of leaving a voice message to a pretend therapist.  Because there was no fear of what or how I was saying what I wanted to say, I was able to let out my feelings in a miserable, snotty and totally liberating stream of consciousness! 

2. I practiced Guided Mind Clearance on Myself.

I put myself in a light state of meditation and started listening back to my message.  Whilst I was doing this I also practiced my therapy technique of Guided Mind Clearance, sending all of my thoughts and feelings into the light.  The technique is very powerful when I'm practicing it on my clients, however sometimes I forget that I can actually practice the technique on myself!  I found that listening to my own voice message really helped my identify and gently guide these feelings away. 

3.  I listened to Eckhart Tolle.

I have all of the Eckhart Tolle books in either paperback or Audible, and I find that he is the one person that is guaranteed to lift my mood.  He reminds me that I can be the witness to my thoughts as well as let go of the ego.  This time i just searched quickly in YouTube and found a little video that I thought was fitting.  This particular one was called "Awakening from self-talk" and was just 10 minutes long.  I just listened whilst still practicing gentle breathing in a light meditative state.

The whole process took a total of just 30 minutes and by the end of it I felt much lighter, less sad and anxious and ready to start the afternoon.  It really did work for me and I feel empowered that I have discovered my own perfect way of raising my vibration.  Other people might have various other techniques such as journaling, exercise, talking to loved ones, deep spiritual meditation.  However, my own little tailor made technique is one that I am really glad I discovered today!

Daniella Nason



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  • Really good tips that are quick to do. We often forget to take care of ourselves before others so having a self care routine is integral to rebalancing.

    Lisa Wilson

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