From Trauma to Transformation - How Guided Mind Clearance Therapy Helped Me Find Myself

This blog post was written by Sarah Marshall, a survivor of child abuse.

After many years of abuse from baby to adult life, I was completely lost. I felt deeply heavy in a twisted web of trauma. Through years of trying to untangle my past to find the real me, I came across many people who wanted to change or control me. As a consequence I built barriers around myself, not allowing others in and became weary, untrusting and isolated.

When I started  Guided Mind Clearance therapy with Daniella,  I was very skeptical at first, not knowing whether it was going to help. I expected it would be  another one of those sessions where I would be left raw or even dumped. Previously this happened on lots of occasions because my past trauma was too heavy for professional’s to listen to.  But to my surprise this wasn't the case with Daniella. She managed to gain my trust by seeing me as person with value. During the first session I was scared at first because I thought was she testing me but when we started  therapy it was like a transformation because Daniella didn’t see me as I saw myself (very negative). Then I felt I could  open up a bit about my trauma.

The therapy opened up my hurt then allowed me to disregard it by lifting it into the light. I physically felt stuff lift off me like massive boulder removing itself from my heart. It was so freeing, never had I experienced such a positive impact in such a short time. It was like a revelation into finding who I am instead of my past  being the main driver of my life.

Now I am cruising life and tasting the views on the way. If I didn't have  Guided Mind Clearance therapy I would never have found ME and to able to like myself. I am healing with the freedom from the heavy weight of my past.  I feel not only more able to deal with things that I previously struggled with but also see the benefits of who I am. I now have an insight of how I can fit into Society and now I really want to start living! I want to start finding out more about myself and this is the start of something good. The next step now is to stand on my own two feet and try and  taste more of lifes goodness but also excepting support when needed.  

Daniella had an amazing technique during therapy. Her very calming, gentle voice felt like she was holding me whilst guiding me through the transformative sessions. She showed me that the trauma in my past did not have a right in my life now, and that I was in control. It allowed me to be me and without that I wouldn't be in this position now. I'm excited! I wake up feeling excited and I go to bed feeling excited, knowing there's a life where I don’t always have to carry the heavy pain. Transforming, after years and years of abuse is something that I never thought I would ever experience. I know there will be times that life will be a battle…but knowing now I’m in control of my destiny is invaluable.

Thank you Daniella! I honestly  would say to anybody who has been through any form of trauma to give Guided Mind Clearance a try!

Sarah Marshall



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  • Thank you for sharing your story. It is very heart felt. I also felt great benefit to the sessions I had with Daniella. This is something I will happily revisit should I feel I need to shed a few more emotional layer and strengthen my armour. X

    Lisa Wilson

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