Break The Addiction to Negative Thinking by Eckhart Tolle

Learn how to break the addiction to negative thinking with this great video from Eckhart Tolle. His theory is that “This kind of compulsive thinking is actually an addiction. What characterizes an addiction? Quite simply this: you no longer feel that you have the choice to stop. It seems stronger than you. It also gives you a false sense of pleasure; pleasure that invariably turns into pain.” So, how do we rise above our thoughts and not be so attached to them?

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  • I believe that negative thinking is a silent and sometimes not so silent killer.
    You have to be able to look in the mirror and LIKE WHAT IS LOOKING BACK AT YOU. If you don’t like what you see, and I don’t mean literally but figuratively, then it’s time for a change. Before any changes can be made you also have to like yourself. It’s amazing how many people don’t like themselves.
    I agree that ego has a huge part to play in the negative approach to life. Bye why? Negativity hurts the person that is acting in this manner more than it is hurting anyone else. This is the addiction of negativity. Thinking that putting others down seems to make a negative person feel more important but that’s definitely not the case. I personally have to stay away from the negative people as their actions, words and general overall (know it all) attitude makes me ill. And I mean literally I’ll.

    Denise Womacks

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