Why we love natural energies...because we are natural energies


Here where I live in the South of Spain as we go from the short lived Autumn gap between the hot summer and surprisingly colder winter (especially in the mornings and evenings) it is one of my favourite times of the year.  Over the last few years one of the evenings I look forward most is the delivery of the winters supply of fire wood which I then have the job of stacking.  Stacking firewood does not necessarily sound like the most fun in the world, but for some reason this mundane activity often gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.


I understand this feeling to be gratitude, and as I was working through the pile stacking it neatly a thought came into my head “give gratitude for the wood that keeps us warm”.  Thinking to myself this sounds like an olde worlde saying I had heard somewhere before, but it gave me a secondary thought of where does this feeling come from, the bond between me a human and a big pile of Wood.  Weird but....


How many people love going to beach getting in the sea and crashing into the waves as they break?  In Scandinavia Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.  Often descriptions of Hygge will bring up sitting by a log fire, surrounded by natural candle light.  Again both of these examples are a close relationship between humans and natural energies.


It is scientifically accepted and spiritually believed that the world is made of energies.


According to the website One Mind One Energy “Kinetic-energy is the force that causes objects to move” below are examples of this:


-          Energy stored in a piece of wood will be released when the piece of wood is burnt.

-          The natural energy of moving water from rivers and the ocean can be turned into electricity.

-          A mobile phone can pick up energies transmitted from a satellite and convert it into a voice.

-          Some frequencies such as a Dog Whistle cannot be measured or hear by humans but as Dogs can pick up sounds on a higher frequency it is audible to them.


In Ayurvedic philosophy the entire cosmos is an interplay of the five elements Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which traces back over 2,000 years Yin and Yang has been explored as the basis from which everything in the universe is formed.  Together with the theory of Yin and Yang in TCM it is believed the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal show us how our internal organs, systems and structures are connected.


With the Ayurvedic, TCM and Ying and Yang there is an understanding that there needs to be a balance of the different elements, and that an imbalance of these elements can cause ill-health both physically and mentally.


So there is no wonder if we are made of energy and all the elements are made of energy that we feel a relationship and connection with Wood, Fire Water etc, such as my fuzzy feeling with the stack of Firewood or crashing through a wave or the wind upon our faces as we take a brisk walk along the coastline.


Therefore it is important that to feel good and function properly we maintain the correct balances of the energies that we are built of.  Below are some examples of how to balance the energies within our bodies:


-          Eat a balanced diet suited for you, and have meals at the same time each day.  Why not visit a Ayurvedic or TCM practitioner to advise on what kind of diet keeps your energies in synch?

-          Have a daily routine getting up and going to bed at the same time of day, and making sure you get the right amount of sleep.

-          Living in the Now, and showing gratitude to the world around you and for simple things such as the wood that keeps up warm, the water that hydrates us, and the earth that keeps us grounded.

-          Yoga and meditation.  Many Yogi’s believe we are born with so many breathes so make sure some of them are slow relaxing ones J


So as we are made of energy it is important to make sure this is flowing properly.  Over the course of our life’s experiences can happen that cause blockages in this system.  These are emotional blockages that can cause conditions like Anxiety and Depression.  Once these blockages surface they can cause negative energies which in turn create further negative energies, blocking the system further.  Through a guided meditation using Emotional Alchemy Guided Mind Clearance can help unblock negative emotions and help you feel at your very best again.

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