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  • 5 Differences Between Hypnotherapy and Guided Mind Clearance

    1. Hypnotherapy is used to subconsciously re programme thought processes or beliefs.  During a state of deep trance a Hypnotherapist will speak to the subconscious mind and suggest and persuade changes in thought processes. Guided Mind Clearance does not look to re programme existing thoughts, instead in effect “de hypnotises”.  This is done through releasing negative emotions....

  • An Alternative View: Sam Harris is an atheist with a passion for mindfulness

    Sam Harris is an author, neuroscientist and philosopher and  is somewhat controversially recognized for his strong atheist beliefs.  Sam has one of the most unique stances in history due to his outspoken views against religion combined with his passion for the ancient eastern spiritual practice of mindfulness.  He eloquently and seamlessly explains in this video how you don't need to have any religious or...
  • 10 Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace

    Most of us work, for many of us our careers are a key focal point of our life goals.  Over recent times there have been changes in attitudes around work life balance.  Even as recently as five to ten years ago it was an approved mantra if in an interview a candidate for a job would say they “live to work”.

    Whilst this attitude seems to changing and both employees and employers are perhaps realising that perhaps it should be the other way round and the reason to work is to actually live and enjoy a better life, or to coin the previous used phrase “work life balance”. 

  • Procrastination – Getting caught between good intentions and actions

    According to numerous researcher’s Procrastination is a growing issue within modern society.  In two large studies conducted by DePaul University professor Joseph Ferrari – “Procrastination is impulsivity winning out over future rewards.  This is probably why it’s on the increase.  Our modern world has limitless distractions: a plethora of TV channels, electronic games and Internet temptations”.
  • A Mindful Life is a Happy Life

    More and more the world is getting used to hearing the phrase Mindfulness.  Some people may think it is some new found “woke” phenomenon, however it has its roots from long ago in Buddhist meditation.  So is Mindfulness a form of meditation?  Sort of....

    Meditation is more of an intentional affair where time is needed to sit down and take the time out to specifically concentrate on the practise itself.
  • Elements… the building blocks of our balanced energies

    Modern science accepts that the universe including us is made up of energy not matter.  This is not a new belief although I am sure all the super clever scientists have more proof J
    Socrates said that “energy, or soul, is separate from matter, and that the universe is made of energy – pure energy which was there before man and other material things like the earth came along”
    Modern science has proven that all living organisms are made up from Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus and Sulphur.
  • Why we love natural energies...because we are natural energies

    Over the last few years one of the evenings I look forward most is the delivery of the winters supply of fire wood which I then have the job of stacking.  Stacking firewood does not necessarily sound like the most fun in the world, but for some reason this mundane activity often gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.