About Guided Mind Clearance

Guided Mind Clearance is an online therapy using the practical elements of Emotional Alchemy, an advanced technique created by leading worldwide spiritual teacher and certified hypnotherapist, Helen Basinger.  It was developed using influences from hypnotherapy, EFTvisualisation, meditation and spiritual healing.  The sessions are conducted via secure online video or telephone which means clients from anywhere in the world can experience this highly effective therapy from the comfort of their own home. 

The technique works by starting with some gentle breathing techniques similar to a guided meditation exercise or a hypnosis session.  Then during a light trance, the client is guided through a creative and powerful healing process.  By talking and asking questions to the client, a series of visualisations are created with the objective of transforming negative thoughts, emotions and energy into light.  Find out more about the client journey of a Guided Mind Clearance sessions from Sarah MarshallAmy Reyes, and Lisa Wilson who wrote about their experiences. 

Unlike traditional hypnotherapy which is a way to 'reprogram' the mind and override existing behaviors, Guided Mind Clearance concentrates on releasing the underlying negative emotions.  Helen's concept is that "we are all born perfect", but through various experiences and influences we build up various emotional baggage, negative energies, thought patterns and behaviours.  Guided Mind Clearance works to strip these things away, leaving you free to be your true authentic self.  You won't completely forget memories or current life circumstances but your emotional attachment to these things will be dramatically desensitized.  Also, unlike hypnotherapy or guided meditation, the client is in continual dialogue with the practitioner throughout the session.  

The results are overwhelming positive for all kinds of mental health issues. See our specialist areas.  Some people find it to be an emotional experience although all clients tend feel relaxed and lighter immediately after the session.  The client will start to notice the effects during the next few days after the session and is likely to have permanent results.  The number of sessions are dependent on the person but often just one session is all a person needs in order to feel better.  

The technique is surprisingly practical and the client is not required to have any spiritual beliefs or previous experience with meditation.  The sessions are completed via secure online video.

About Us 

Daniella Nason, Guided Mind Clearance Practitioner 

Aged 40, originally from the UK and currently living in Southern Spain, Daniella originally started her career as a volunteer online counsellor, lending a compassionate ear to people in need.  After studying further and training with world renowned spiritual teacher Helen Basinger, Daniella really found her niche using this incredible technique with clients worldwide.  Daniella's experience enables her to tune into the persons situation and emotions, intuitively guiding them through a highly creative and healing process at their own pace, with a client mission to "Clear the negative voice in your mind".  Her technique is very human, non clinical and compassionate. She is also a co-founder of a charity organization supporting and providing healing therapy to child abuse survivors.  Daniella loves that her job is so unique and rewarding; seeing first hand the huge changes in people from the sessions is an unbelievable feeling!  Chat with Daniella ⬊


Thomas Pearson, Guided Mind Clearance / Mindfulness for Golf Practitioner

Thomas, aged 36, also originally from the UK and living in Southern Spain.  Thomas is a down to earth, kind hearted person who has a keen interest in helping people fulfil their potential.  After running his own successful business, he decided that he would like to find more fulfilment in his life and became interested in a way to help people become happy.  Thomas is a qualified hypnotherapist and also trained in Emotional Alchemy with Helen Basinger and is has the mind factor Certification with Karl Morris, world famous golf mind coach and author.  And also is qualified in the Mindfactor Mindfulness for Golf!  Using his own blend of personal experience and unique qualifications, he helps people overcome their fear and anxieties relating to sports performance as well as other issues. Chat with Thomas ⬊

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