Ruth Dreifuss, a Swiss president in the 90's decided to combat the huge heroin problem in Switzerland by introducing a revolutionary programme which included legalisation of the drug via specialist clinics.  The premise of the programme was to provide three daily dosages of heroin (taken under supervision of the clinic), whilst also providing employment opportunities, therapy and various other support to the addicts. The results were overwhelmingly successful, reducing government spending money on crime, police and prisons.  People were given any dose they wanted (except one that would kill) for as long as they wanted, without any pressure to cut back.  The surprising result was that instead of people falling victim to "the chemical hook" almost everyone chose to cut back and eventually stop. The leading Psychologist at the clinic, Dr Rita Manghi was asked how people were incentivised to get clean whilst having unlimited access to free heroin, she answered with "People's lives get better.  And when their lives get better they don't want to be anaesthetized anymore". 

When we think of the word "addict" it tends to attract the most of extreme example such as a heroin addict however addiction or dependency related issues can manifest itself in any person and for any external entity.  Some of the examples of addiction or unhealthy dependency include:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Sex and relationships 
  • Mobile phones / social media
  • Gambling 
  • Videogaming 
  • Food / eating disorders
  • Self harm

We are strong supporters of the 12 step programme for anyone who is suffering from an extreme drug addiction.  However we realise that the programmes are not realistic or suitable for every type of addict.  There are also so many grey areas, many people know that they have an issue with some kind of dependency or overuse of something, and it is something that they would like to be more in control of. 

Guided mind clearance sessions not only deal with the underlying issues that have lead to your addiction but also the advanced guided visualisation techniques help to "fill the void".  Guided mind clearance is ideal for anyone who is concerned about a dependency, through to full addiction and also suitable as a complimentary tool for the 12 step or a rehabilitation programme. 

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