Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety is the most common mental health concern, affecting a huge percentage of people worldwide.  Some people experience anxiety alone, but it is usually a huge part of most mental illnesses. Someone with depression, bipolar or borderline personality disorder for example will usually suffer from anxiety too.

Anxiety can take various forms such as generalised anxiety or social anxiety, however each persons experience of anxiety can take many different forms.  Some people experience an extreme level anxiety leading to panic attacks.  The first time this happens to someone is extremely distressing, and many report that they felt like they were having a heart attack for example.  Panic attacks can be persistent and then when the person is in the same place or situation that they previously experienced the attack, just the memory and fear of the experience can often bring on another anxiety attack.  

Guided Mind clearance helps tackle anxiety with full force, not only with targeting the underlying causes but also by giving the client practical breathing and visualisation techniques in order to cope with future panic attacks.  Sometimes just the knowledge of knowing that you have this skill means that you are not afraid of having a panic attack, hence they are much less likely to happen.