Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma often manifests itself in emotional or mental health issues during adulthood and are caused by experiences of abuse, abandonment, neglect, bullying or other stressful and traumatic childhood experiences. 

Sometimes the person carries the trauma all the way through growing up, making it difficult to build a well adjusted life. Or the trauma can be suppressed, becoming apparent or significantly more emotionally painful in later life.  It can have a heavy affect on adult relationships, with the person falling into one of three categories; the perpetrator, the victim or the savoir, or sometimes playing 2 or 3 of the roles interchangeably.  

Childhood trauma can lead to depression, anxiety, addiction and many other mental health issues as an adult, and sometimes even physical issues.  A full Guided Mind Clearance session would include talking through the childhood experience and during a light trance be able to release the negative emotions associated with their childhood. It can also include some "inner child" work if appropriate.  The client would not only be able to release these negative emotions but will be free to make healthier choices in order to stop repeating negative patterns.