Depression is like climbing a hill with a huge bag on your shoulders, everything just feels so much effort.  What most consider a normal, everyday function like going to work, taking a shower or eating properly can be a real struggle for someone who is suffering from depression.  You feel apathy; a lack of interest in things that you used to enjoy, you feel tired, and the effort of going out and being social seems almost impossible sometimes.  

As depression affects so many areas of your life, this in turn can affect your work, relationships, health and motivation in a negative way.... which only adds to the suffering.  Anxiety is usually a huge part of depression too, so the body is doing all kinds of strange things, you might feel exhausted but shaky simultaneously for example. 

The causes of depression can be related to your personal circumstances; trauma or bad experiences in your past - or sometimes, for no reason at all, it just hits some people.  But, whatever the reasons behind it, or effects it is having on your life, it is important to remember that there is hope for your future recovery from this condition.

Guided Mind Clearance is a very effective technique to tackle depression head on. Unlike medication, it tackles the root cause of the depression.  Within a state of meditation, the practitioner guides the client, talking through distressing negative thoughts and feelings and releasing them with a creative visualisation process.