The best athletes and business minds in the world take their professions seriously and realise that a positive mental attitude can create a huge difference to their performance.  They hire professional coaches and mentors in order to be in the best mental physic, allowing them to conquer their fears and release their full potential. 

Ability and motivation aren't enough to achieve top results.  You also need a strong mindset in order to thrive in your career and other areas of your life.  Mental blockages can hold people back in achieving their full potential and achieving consistent positive results. 

Guided Mind Clearance can not only help high achieving sports and business people, but anyone who is feeling held back in their career or sports and want to improve their performance.  Thomas Pearson, Guided Mind Practitioner helps people clear anxiety, fear and any kind of mental block that stop people from fulfilling their full potential.  With a particular focus on golf and other sports, and with a background of running his own successful business, he takes people through a guided personalised visualisation process which can change a persons game significantly.