Physical Pain Relief

We have all heard that there are "healers" existing in the world but it's not something that is mainstream or even believed by most of society.  But what if we realised that anyone had the power to heal their own body just by meditation and visualisation.... wow that sounds rather "woo woo" doesn't it!?  We thought the same at first.  Well, it sounds like a nice idea of course and we have heard of the law of attraction and kind of believe that it could be possible, but if this is true then it's odd that we living in a world where this isn't common knowledge!  

Being trained by Helen Basinger, a world renowned spiritual healer and emotional alchemy teacher we learned that there is a technique to heal chronic pain, injury and illness.  Hang on.... yes it still sounds like a lovely idea but with a sceptical explanation we could attach the concept to a placebo effect.  Perhaps something even a bit spiritual, that could be done by someone with healing powers and relating to energies, but to fully accept that this was a genuine technique that anyone can use at anytime still seemed rather far fetched. 

It wasn't we started trying the technique at home that we fully started to realise the power of this technique to be able to heal physical pain.  We have managed to cure headaches, backaches, knee injuries, even blocked noses and sore throats instantly! 

The best way is to try the technique is to have some physical pain at the time of the session, then the issue can be worked into your treatment.  If if you don't have any current physical pain then we can give you advice on how to try it yourself at home, and then you could learn to zap your own aches and pains in the comfort of your own home :)