Relationship Stress and Breakups

There is an interesting theory by psychologist Dan Gilbert called region-beta paradox which fits very well to relationships.  An example is a woman finds out her husband is having an affair, she is devastated but manages to calm herself. She draws on her powers of rationalisation, convincing herself that it was a crisis from which they'll emerge a stronger couple.  However, if she were to find the dirty dishes in the sink she would fly into a rage of anger.  Her cognitive defences weren't able to kick in so she couldn't control her emotions.  

Difficulties in relationships and breakups is something almost everyone has experienced at some point in their life.  A relationship embodies both partners lifestyle, mind and emotions, with the expectation that they should fit together seamlessly... forever!  It's no wonder that most of us feel at some point overwhelmed with pressure and expectation when things aren't always perfect in our love life.  

There are also unhealthy or co-dependent relationships which are common for those who have suffered emotional abuse or neglect in previous relationships or childhood. The person tends to fall into the role of the perpetrator, victim or saviour, and can often switch from one role to another interchangeably.  Relationships can often have a strong imbalance of power and respect, leading to one person being too needy and the other not being emotionally available. 

Breakups can shatter a persons life, both on practical and emotional levels. Heartbreak can feel overwhelming and like the pain is never going to stop.  The person may also feel very fearful about their future and feel like they are never going to meet anyone else again, never mind fall in love!  Time is a healer of course but there are also ways to recover from this stage of turmoil much faster. 

Guided Mind Clearance is a great way to deal with the pain and emotions that come with relationships and breakups.  It combats the heart of the issues, removing the feelings of heartbreak, anger, stress and turmoil.  It will also help those who wish to move on and enter a more successful relationship in the future and stop repeating previous relationship patterns. 

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