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Depression is like climbing a hill with a huge bag on your shoulders, everything just feels so much effort.  What most consider a normal, everyday function like going to work, taking a shower or eating properly can be a real struggle for someone who is suffering from depression.  You feel apathy; a lack of interest in things that you used to enjoy, you feel tired, and the effort of going out and being social seems almost impossible sometimes. Read more  

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety is the most common mental health concern, affecting a huge percentage of people worldwide.  Some people experience anxiety alone, but it is usually a huge part of most mental illnesses. Someone with depression, bipolar or borderline personality disorder for example will usually suffer from anxiety too. 
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Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma often manifests itself in emotional or mental health issues during adulthood and are caused by experiences of abuse, abandonment, neglect, bullying or other stressful and traumatic childhood experiences.  Sometimes the person carries the trauma all the way through growing up, making it difficult to build a well adjusted life. Or the trauma can be suppressed, becoming apparent or significantly more emotionally painful in later life.  It can have a heavy affect on adult relationships, with the person falling into one of three categories; the perpetrator, the victim or the savoir, or sometimes playing 2 or 3 of the roles interchangeably Read more   


Ruth Dreifuss, a Swiss president in the 90's decided to combat the huge heroin problem in Switzerland by introducing a revolutionary programme which included legalisation of the drug via specialist clinics.  The surprising result was that instead of people falling victim to "the chemical hook" almost everyone chose to cut back and eventually stop. The leading Psychologist at the clinic, Dr Rita Manghi was asked how people were incentivised to get clean whilst having unlimited access to free heroin, she answered with "People's lives get better.  And when their lives get better they don't want to be anaesthetized anymore". Read more  

Relationship Stress and Breakups

There is an interesting theory by psychologist Dan Gilbert called region-beta paradox which fits very well to relationships.  An example is a woman finds out her husband is having an affair, she is devastated but manages to calm herself. She draws on her powers of rationalisation, convincing herself that it was a crisis from which they'll emerge a stronger couple.  However, if she were to find the dirty dishes in the sink she would fly into a rage of anger.  Her cognitive defences weren't able to kick in so she couldn't control her emotions. Read more 

Weight Management

Paul McKenna is a famous UK hypnotist and author of a revolutionary book "I can make you thin" and  "Hypnotic Gastric Band".  He completed a study of people who were overweight and those who were naturally thin.  He found something overwhelmingly significant, that overweight people think about food constantly, except when they were actually eating it.  Whereas naturally thin people don't really think about food that much, except when they are eating it and they tend to saviour their food much more.  Diets don't work long term, because people are denying themselves too much.  When the opportunity arises to eat something they actually enjoy, it's very tempting to eat too much, falling off their diet and creating feelings of guilt. Read more  

Physical Pain Relief

We have all heard that there are "healers" existing in the world but it's not something that is mainstream or even believed by most of society.  But what if we realised that anyone had the power to heal their own body just by meditation and visualisation.... wow that sounds rather "woo woo" doesn't it!?  We thought the same at first.  Well, it sounds like a nice idea of course and we have heard of the law of attraction and kind of believe that it could be possible, but if this is true then it's odd that we living in a world where this isn't common knowledge!  Read more   


The best athletes and business minds in the world take their professions seriously and realise that a positive mental attitude can create a huge difference to their performance.  They hire professional coaches and mentors in order to be in the best mental physic, allowing them to conquer their fears and release their full potential.  Ability and motivation aren't enough to achieve top results.  You also need a strong mindset in order to thrive in your career and other areas of your life.  Mental blockages can hold people back in achieving their full potential and achieving consistent positive results. Read more