Weight Management

Paul McKenna is a famous UK hypnotist and author of a revolutionary book "I can make you thin" and  "Hypnotic Gastric Band".  He completed a study of people who were overweight and those who were naturally thin.  He found something overwhelmingly significant, that overweight people think about food constantly, except when they were actually eating it.  Whereas naturally thin people don't really think about food that much, except when they are eating it and they tend to saviour their food much more. 

Diets don't work long term, because people are denying themselves too much.  When the opportunity arises to eat something they actually enjoy, it's very tempting to eat too much, falling off their diet and creating feelings of guilt.  Food can be an addiction, and when going through feelings of distress or even happiness the tendency is to eat.  Whereas someone who doesn't diet can indulge occasionally in treats or large meals but they don't treat food like something bad and they don't feel guilty about it. This in turn takes the everyday cravings away because they are not purposely trying to avoid certain foods that they enjoy. 

Guided Mind Clearance deals with the emotional issues behind overeating and also the emotions that you feel everyday related to food.  Whilst in a light trance, you are able to release feelings of guilt and insecurities around eating and weight issues.  Then you are able to start with balanced and non restrictive habits and neutralise your relationship with food.  If you are not addicted to food then you will be able to live a normal healthy life without eating more than you need. Blogger Amy Reyes tried a Guided Mind Clearance session to conquer her food issues and wrote about her experience Read Article