Guided Mind Clearance (Self Therapy) Worksheet

Guided Mind Clearance (Self Therapy) Worksheet

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Guided Mind Clearance is most effective when carried out with a practitioner during a live online therapy session, however it is possible to learn the tools and to practice it on yourself at home! 

This Worksheet is is a downloadable, 10 page PDF format and is ideal for home use.  After one live session you will gain a strong insight into how it works and will be able to use the guide as a tool to practice the method at home in between sessions.  You can practice Guided Mind Clearance on yourself for relaxation, to relieve anxieties, to work on deeper issues or even to relieve aches and pains!  

Alternatively, even if you haven't booked a session yet then you are still welcome to order and download the guide for free and try it out!   

Note from Daniella, Guided Mind Clearance practitioner:

I use Guided Mind Clearance sometimes at home as a tool for when I am feeling stressed, anxious or in a low mood.  Read about how I included Guided Mind Clearance in a 3 stage, 30 minute fix to lift a low vibration.  I have also used it at home to lift headaches and other aches and pains with very effective results, especially if the pain was brought on by stress or anxiety.  Personally, I don't often practice mindfulness meditation or listen to guided meditations / hypnosis recordings.  When I do try, I feel frustrated that I can't stop my mind from wandering or if I do, I just fall asleep!  However I do love meditation with a purpose and Guided Mind Clearance is a perfect example of that. It allows me to target the things I want to focus on to be able to relieve negative emotions and induce positive ones too!

* Once you place your order, you will receive a standard confirmation (as if you had booked a live session). However, you will then receive a follow up email within a few minutes where you can download the PDF.